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Smart Devices with Common Sense.

We’re building the next generation of smart health technology and design through user-oriented, ultraportable devices and experiences.

Here's how.
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Connected care designed for everyone.

Gocap is the smart cap for insulin pens. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, and has a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts a week.

Gocap automatically generates an insulin logbook that can be wirelessly shared with care providers and family.

Gocap provides a powerful way to reduce anxiety, get a leg up on compliance, and deliver better care.

A patented dose sensing technology that works like magic.

Bluetooth enabled to always keep you connected.

Truly smart design is


Gocap is a smart tool designed for everyone, not just the power users. A design that improves access to care is the secret to driving reduced healthcare costs and improved health outcomes.

A great need for connected care

Incredible progress happens when insulin data is automatically combined with blood glucose data. Currently, access to data driven care is limited to <1% of people using insulin. Gocap will help improve access to the majority (5+ million people) who deserve better care.

Transforming the patient experience

Every clinic has its own vision and set of tools for transforming diabetes care. Gocap helps support the existing tools and workflows that make the transformation possible.


Shedding Light onto Hidden Patterns.

We create design-driven interfaces for patients & clinicians that clarify challenging data, enable learning and habit-building, and illuminate hidden factors.

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The key to understanding your HbA1c.

Gocap app is the key to understanding the effects of insulin. Every dose you take with Gocap automatically synced, and adding your glucose & meal entries lets you effortlessly capture a colorful snapshot of your care.

Personal, relevant tips and recommendations are provided on the fly.

“Short-term interventions to improve glycemic control pay off. Knowing the average dose and the adherence is 90 percent of the battle.”

Dr. Michael J. Thompson, MD

Simplifying data across the care landscape.

We’re working closely with medical professionals to develop the tools they need to contextualize their patients’ data.

As Gocap smartphone users share their data with clinicians in real time, Relevant charts highlight treatment and behavioral patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed, equipping you and your patients to tackle them together.

Meaningful analysis

We’re turning data into decision points. Our digital experiences transform the logbook into clarified, actionable visual feedback, enabling patients and clinicians alike to make more informed decisions.


working together for better outcomes

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We're design people impact people.

We maintain a design-centric culture to catalyze our philosophy of positive impact into action.

We create products that are restorative and transformative, tearing down obstacles to growth and productivity. We’ve joined forces to build those product experiences for the people that need them most.

We're a band of talented warriors leading the innovation of medical devices and service for better health outcomes.

We prize empathy, frank communication, fail-early problem solving, and cultivating perpetual learning in ourselves and each other.

All aspects of our business contribute to the service of creating good design — a collaborative effort to build emotionally intelligent products and services.

Our independent, supportive atmosphere keeps the focus on a design-driven process. We enable each other to maximize our creative success.

Join us.


Field research with real-world users & clinical partners keeps us in constant dialog with the people that matter to us most. This collaborative design strategy gives us a radical new way to participate in patient care.

For the latest research updates, please visit our Gocap website.