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Common Sensing Gocap Reveals Insulin Adherence Effects on Glycemic Control

BOSTON, April 16, 2019 — Common Sensing, the evidence-based, data-driven injectable medicine company, today announced the publication of new evidence supporting the use of Gocap™, their IP-protected injection monitoring platform. The results, published in Diabetes Care’s March edition, show the Gocap smart cap objectively assesses the insulin adherence of people with diabetes, and adherence is associated with their glycemic control: the most adherent participants had an average HbA1c of 7.7%, compared to 8.6% in the least adherent group.

“Predicting success with injectable medicine is now possible with automatic dose monitors like Gocap,” said Richard Whalley, President and Co-Founder of Common Sensing. “It is crucial for effective diabetes management. The 1-percent difference in HbA1c often equates to hundreds of dollars a year in cost savings and the opportunity to avoid long term health complications. Feedback from Gocap will be used to improve communication, awareness, and inform personalized care adjustments that fit patients’ needs. Measuring the effects of these adjustments is the focus of our upcoming clinical work.”

Joslin Diabetes Center authors Medha Munshi and Elena Toschi conducted the study in Boston, Massachusetts. Funding for the study was provided by Dexcom, a leading continuous glucose monitor manufacturer, and Sanofi, a leading manufacturer of injectable insulin. Sanofi is also an investor in Common Sensing.

During the study at Joslin, researchers used Gocap to track, log and manage injectable dosage, timing, and storage information for injector users at-home and on-the-go. This data is expected to revolutionize injectable medicine management through data-driven services, including remote disease management, pharmaceutical support, automatic refills, dose titration, and caretaker collaboration.

“These services improve health and prevent high costs; over $1 trillion per year is spent on injectable medicine treatments and diabetes accounts for $245 billion of US healthcare spend alone,” said Kevin Schmid, CEO of Common Sensing. “As more and more evidence shows the benefit of injectable medicine management, a growing number of manufacturers and service providers are partnering with Gocap to improve the lives of people using injectable medicine.”


About Common Sensing

Common Sensing is a Cambridge, MA based company that develops and manufactures data-driven hardware and software solutions for people using injectable medicine. Founded in 2012, Common Sensing has assembled a team of talented designers and engineers to develop Gocap, the first smart cap that turns existing injector pens into smart injectors. Gocap connects injector pens to the cloud to improve decision making and outcomes and make everyday treatment more convenient. In the US, the Gocap device is available for research use only.


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